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For user

Why do mosquitoes always bite me?
Mosquitoes, for instance, are attracted up to 70 meters away by several factors including body odour, exhaled carbon dioxide and by radiated heat. The feeding urge is triggered when the insects’ sensors come within the range of lactic acid on the skin.

Does MosRepel Repellent work for me?
For 99% of users, MosRepel Repellent does work, and it has been scientifically tested by University and proved. However, it may not work for some people due to certain body’s chemistry and other overpowering smells such as perfume. Thus the strong fragrance will cover the citronella / Geraniol smell and therefore mosquitoes would bite them.

How long does the protection last?
MosRepel Repellent has been tested by University that the effectiveness of repelling mosquitoes can be up to 180 hours when being exposed to the air. If it is used for less than 180 hours at a time, place it in a sealable plastic bag for later use. Also, you can place it in bedroom, toilet, or even at window side, etc.

Is MosRepel Repellent safe?
MosRepel Repellent does not contain DEET or any other pesticides. It is made by Citronella oil / Geraniol oil. This active ingredient is considered to be GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the EPAincluded in exempt product listings. Products comprised of these active ingredients and inert ingredients taken from the EPA Exempt List (FIFRA) are considered safe for public use. This is particularly important when considering how to protect children from mosquitoes.

Is MosRepel Repellent safe for children?
MosRepel Repellent also designed and formulated to protect children. If being placed in the mouth, there is no liquid chemical being emitted or to ingested. For infants, we recommend that MosRepel Repellent be attached to strollers or carriages, out of their reach.

Is MosRepel Repellent safe for pregnancy/ expectant mother?
Sorry that we do not have the research about this, so we do suggest the expectant mother to getting the advice by doctor before using this kind of product.

Is MosRepel Repellent safe for the environment?
MosRepel Repellent is made from natural herb to form a very effective insect repellent. It will not harm the environment.

What makes MosRepel Repellent so effective for anyone?
MosRepel Repellent is a blend US EPA approved natural extra oils: Citronella Oil / Geraniol that is extremely effective in chasing away flying and biting insect pests like: mosquitoes, flies, gnats, no-see-ums, bees, ticks and fleas.

Is MosRepel Repellent effective than other repellents?
Yes. EG Repellent has been tested by University to be 100% effective for up to 180 hours. It is reckoned more effective than other natural repellents.

How does MosRepel Repellent compare with sprays, Liquids and lotions?
Sprays, Liquids and Lotions are greasy usually. It can protect the areas of the skin they cover and do not last very long. And if you miss a part, it is not protected. You need to apply on the exposed skin evenly and keep using every 2 hours around to achieve a higher efficacy. MosRepel Repellent effectiveness is not reduced by perspiration or water, It can even be used when swimming.

Why MosRepel Repellent not use DEET but natural ingredients?
MosRepel Repellent is a blend US EPA approved natural extra oils: Citronella Oil / Geraniol that is extremely effective in chasing away flying and biting insect pests like: mosquitoes, flies, gnats, no-see-ums, bees, ticks and fleas.


For Importer and Distributor

How many percentage of the active ingredient in each piece?

There has 30% active ingredient in each piece, it would be 30% Citronella oil or 30% Geraniol oil, the rest of insert LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) is 70%.

What is the International HS Code?
There has two HS code for different kinds of description item. The first of HS Code is 3307 4900, which is used for aromatic Bracelet / product (general goods). The second of HS Code is 3808 9119, which is used.

What are the points when we sell MosRepel repellent?
Many, especially 180 hours effective and waterproof, natural ingredient approved by US EPA, and DEET free.

Does MosRepel repellent have competition?
None is safer, effective and long-lasting. Beware of imitations, they are often coated with a liquid chemical which wears quickly and does not produce a vapor shield.

How long is the product life span?
MosRepel repellent is kept in an individual package, the product life span is up to 3 years if the product is not yet opened. The expiry date will be printed on each retail box.

What colors are MosRepel Bracelet available?
8 standard colors are available subject to our stock, custom color can be ordered by buyer if quantities are over 10,000pcs/color.

Which stores are good to sell this product range?
Most of stores are very good for selling MosRepel repellent, especially at Pharmacies, Healthcare Store, Convenience Store, Super Market, Household stores, Sport Store, Outdoor activity store, Mother care store etc.

Which is the best-selling item?
Based on our experience, mosquito repellent bracelet (EGMB1C) is the hot product since their retail amount and packaging design is more attractive for customers. Also, consumer can put the bracelet into the sealable blister container, it can keep the freshness of repelling fragrance.

What does the Test Reports you have?
We have obtained the CE Certified Test Report, Laboratory Technical Safety Report, Experiment Test Report and Effectiveness Report issued by University. It is including mosquito repellent effectiveness test report and material safety testing report. Our mosquito bracelet is long-lasting, which has 180 hours effectiveness and tested by Taiwan University.

Can we be a sole agent / exclusive in our country?
We are welcome importer to be our sole agent if we do not have any agent in there. Also, it is related to the order amount value limitation, which is subject to location and country.

Can I get some free sample?
Yes, actually, we want to discuss the details with all new clients after they have tried our products. Our product is really excellent and effective. We are sure that you must be satisfied with that. We are pleased if you arrange a courier company such as DHL, FedEx to collect the sample from our office at your account.

Can I place a small quantity order for trial?
We welcome any potential buyers to place any quantity order to us, however, the export price is subject to the quantity.

Can I have a brand logo onto the bracelet?
Yes! It will be a unique design if you can add your brand logo onto the mosquito bracelet. We can add the plastic clips. And we will charge your OEM set up fee as well.
Anti Mosquito Braceelt with Printed Logo Clip

What are the payment terms?
You can settle the payment by T/T or L/C in standard order, Also, we accept Western Union and PayPal payment for small order amount.